Arithmetic Village {review and giveaway}

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Can you imagine teaching math in an imaginative story-like manner using fun characters and games to help your children learn their basic operations?  With Arithmetic Village, that is entirely possible!

Arithmetic Village

I was excited to receive the pdf version of the Arithmetic Village books so I could share a review with you.  I immediately printed out the books, sliced them to size, and put the books and resources from the web site into page protectors and a binder for easy reference.


We love books in our house, so when anything is taught through story, it’s usually a hit with my girls.

Arithmetic Village is a five book math series that is no exception!  The kids-sized stories are filled with rhythm, rhyme, and fanciful illustrations, all which piqued the interest of my kids.

We began with the first book in the series, Arithmetic Village, in which  the girls learned a new way to look at place value.  Where other math lessons might use place value blocks or an abacus, Arithmetic Village is based on a learning place value and numbers with the assistance of treasures…what could be more enticing than that?  Each of my girls enjoyed creating their own treasure box to keep their treasures sorted and safe.  We then spent several days transposing treasures to numbers and numbers to treasures through play.

But, the second book in the series, Polly Plus, kept beckoning my daughters and soon we jumped into addition.  The girls loved imagining that they were Polly picking up treasures at their feet!  They used a small purse to collect their treasures before adding them together and placing them in their treasure box.  We took addition a step further by using colored dice and the game sheet within a page protector.  Using a dry-erase marker we were able to add jewels and numbers galore as they “found” jewels around the house.

002  014

Soon after playing Polly, we moved onto Linus Minus, the third book in the Arithmetic Village series focusing on subtraction.  Poor Linus has a hard time keeping track of his jewels and my girls loved “accidentally” losing their own!  Playing the role of Linus, they quickly caught onto the fact that losing, or leaving jewels behind, was subtraction.  They were able to figure out the differences, first by counting and then it became more natural to figure out the differences in their heads.

028  026

We ended up combining both addition and subtraction through a game suggested on the Arithmetic Village web site.  The girls had lots of fun constructing a castle and brought it outside for some action.  They placed several stepping stones leading up to it with Lego people at the furthest stone.  Using a two-colored die, they moved their Lego people forward and backward, depending on the roll, trying hard to reach the castle.  They had so much fun with it that several other toys lined up to take part in the game.


I am holding onto the last two books focusing on multiplication and division so I can use the books to introduce the concepts to my girls in a few months.   They are just as enjoyable as the first three books and I know my daughters will fall in love with the characters as well.

Overall, I recommend the books to any parent or teacher interested in taking a more imaginative route into teaching place value and number concepts.  My girls certainly enjoyed the books and games and I enjoyed watching them let their imaginations soar.

Head on over to the Arithmetic Village web site to check out the books and activities for each character yourself and meet the author, Kimberly Moore, who has had many years in education and is also a homeschool mom of three.  Or, go purchase the books!  Now is a great time to buy them because I noticed there is a 20% off promotion through September 20th.

I have generously been given the opportunity to give away one free copy of the PDF version of Arithmetic Village to a lucky reader.  Simply follow the Rafflecopter link below and fill in the entry form by the end of Tuesday, September 10th, to be entered for your chance to win!  I will notify the winner Wednesday, September 11th.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of Arithmetic Village in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review or was I compensated in any other way.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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16 thoughts on “Arithmetic Village {review and giveaway}

  1. This seems like it would work great for all 3 of my kiddos. My kids are 4, 4, & 3. My daughters enjoy learning through books but my son has a harder time paying attention. He is not an auditory learner but a kinesthetic learner instead. However, the Arithmetic Village seems to tie in both, as I could have my son be responsible for the ‘hands on’ portion.

    Thank you for sharing! I am always looking for ways to keep my 3 interested and engaged at the same time.

  2. I like that the books teach math with stories, which would have appealed to me as a kid who hated how plain math was when it was presented to me in school. My daughter loves math and my son is hesitant about it. I would love to give them the opportunity to look at math a different way.

  3. I live the idea of using stories to teach math. I find that my youngest learns best through stories better than text books.

  4. I love the simple drawings in these books and I especially love the story connection. It seems like all the research I read shows girls connect to stories and I think that will help with math.

  5. I’ve never heard of this before, but I think my kids would love it! We have a treasure chest and “jewels” that we use once in awhile in our homeschool. This is a great reason to pull them out again, especially since I’m reviewing place value with one child, and have another who is will be learning it soon too! Thank you so much for sharing!

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