Going Nuts for Acorns

This past week my daughter spent some time at the park collecting acorns from a shady Oak tree.  Like a chipmunk collecting nuts for the winter, she came home with her pockets stuffed with both green and brow acorns.  As you can see, she had HOURS of fun turning them into people.  The caps really intrigued her.


She became very interested in learning about acorns, so we put what we learned into a lapbook using some materials from HomeschoolShare.  She was fascinated that acorns were actually seeds and very interested in how long it takes an oak tree to grow!

We read The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter, and of course had to get crafty with the acorns. 

My 5 year old used cinnamon to sprinkle on her acorns, while my 3 year old opted for pumpkin pie spice.  Paper bags worked great for the caps and we were able to add in some math with adding and subtracting the Cheerios on top.


We’re looking forward to collecting some pinecones this weekend to make acorn/pinecone people.

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