Dandelion Connections to Christopher Nibble

You know you’re a mom (or teacher) when…you’re walking down the sidewalk and a growth of dandelions reminds you of a children’s book! No joke.  Nestled in the grasses was this bright, yellow patch of dandelions…

March 002

…and my immediate thought was….Christopher Nibble!

Christopher Nibble

Christopher Nibble is an endearing story about a guinea pig who loves eating dandelions leaves. In fact, the whole town of Dandeville enjoys them too! So much, in fact, that there only remains one last dandelion plant in the whole town.

It is up to Christopher Nibble to keep that dandelion a secret, while researching the dandelion growth process, so he can once again spread dandelions around his town.

It’s a super cute book that your children are sure to enjoy!

Want to extend the book?

Try a taste test.  Serve a little dandelion tea!  We were not fans – at all, but apparently Dandelion Root Tea has a long history being used by herbalists for everything from controlling diabetes to helping kidney function.  Who knew?  Give it some research before trying it.clip_image002

Here are a few crafts from Pinterest that I found this week to go with the book.  In fact, Christopher Nibble popped into my mind several times while seeing the first post just last week!

Source: jdaniel4smom.com via Andrea on Pinterest

Source: notimeforflashcards.com via Andrea on Pinterest

My girls love dandelions, so even though they are a pesky weed, they sure are fun to collect while they are yellow, and make wishes on while they are in their seeding stage.
Note: This page contains an affiliate link to the book Christopher Nibble and the dandelion tea.
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3 thoughts on “Dandelion Connections to Christopher Nibble

  1. My 5 year old daughter loves to collect that pesky yellow weed! I too often associate things with children’s book and authors! I am glad to have found your blog through SITS!

  2. Oh, how sweet! Love good book recommendations for the little ones. And personally, I love dandelions. I know they’re a weed, but boy, there’s nothing like ‘em when they’re being handed over in a bunch from a 5-year-old’s fist. So happy to have visited from the Saturday Sharefest!

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